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Social Development Program

The Social Development Program provides advisory and support services to its member First Nations in delivering Social Assistance Programs.

The Day-to-day operation of our program consists of:

  • Monitoring the administration of the Social Assistance programs.

  • Providing support and assistance to First Nations in the delivery of their Social Assistance Programs.

  • Advising of new policies, programs, legislation and regulations affecting the Social Assistance Program.

  • Providing training to new social assistance staff at First Nations.

  • Overseeing the First Nations Enhancement Program.

  • Overseeing the Youth Self-Government Initiative.


Social Development Advisor
Vivian Caron
P: (204) 956-7413
F: (204) 942-8840
E: viviancaron@irtc.ca

Social Development Assistant
Unice Ross
P: (204) 956-7413
F: (204) 942-8840
E: uniceross@irtc.ca