Who Are We

The Interlake Reserves Tribal Council Inc. (IRTC) consists of a partnership of six (6) Manitoba Interlake communities working together to advance our collective well-being of members from the following communities:

Dauphin River First Nation
Kinonjeoshtegon First Nation
Lake Manitoba First Nation
Little Saskatchewan First Nation
Peguis First Nation
Pinaymootang First Nation


According to the IRTC Constitution, the purpose of the Tribal Council is to generally uinify and maintain and expand the interests, lives and identity of the member bands.

With out limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Tribal Council shall:

  • Advance and procure the contents of the position paper "Wahbung our Tomorrow" consistent with the changing needs of the Tribal Council;

  • Establish overall policies and strategies for activities in harmony with the wishes and expectations of the member bands of the Tribal Council;

  • Endeavor to promote local government at the pace decided upon by each member bands by:

    • providing assistance to the member bands in planning and budgeting for their needs;

    • making sure that there is total participation in the decisions of obtaining funds in accordance with the needs of the member bands;

    • assisting in transferring authority, responsibility and accountability to member bands;

    • providing a vehicle by which bands assist each other in all aspects of band development;

    • assisting in the creation of a method of operation acceptable to the member bands of the Tribal Council which is consistent with the responsibility and obligations of the Government of Canada and will
      provide an annual report of its activities to the Minister responsible for Indian Affairs; and

    • assisting each Tribal Council member band by providing a monitoring system of the management and

    • financial administration of its operation and recommend corrective measures when and if necessary.

The Tribal Council and its employees will attempt to enhance the authority of the band councils within its jurisdiction and in no way will it interfere or attempt to organize in a manner that would detract from those authorities.
The Tribal Council will advance the Interests of the bands who are members of the Tribal Council within the Tribal Council area.

The Tribal Council will maintain a liaison with the First Nations confederacy.

The Tribal Council shall do all lawful things as are incidental to the above objectives.