National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy (NAYSPS)

Individual mental health and wellness are key factors against becoming suicidal.  As such, suicide prevention addresses in the context of individual, family and community health.  As a program, the NAYSPS targets resources that support a range of community based solutions and activities that contributes to improved mental health and wellness among the families of the Interlake Reserves communities.

  • To increase awareness and understanding of Aboriginal Youth suicide prevention
  • Increase recognition of suicide risk factors, warning signs and at risk behaviours of youth within the IRTC communities
  • Provide tools and resources to promote mental wellness and to improve the recognition of risk factors for parents, community members, elders, service providers etc.
  • Strengthen key protective factors such as a strong sense of identity, meaning purpose and resilience.
  • Engage youth and community members in the development and implementation of suicide prevention activities, more to live Champaign
  • Develop and utilize culturally relevant tools and resources that foster resiliency, emotional and spiritual health and coping skills.
  • Strengthen and facilitate collaborative approaches and linkages within and across governments, agencies and service providers.
  • Create and support appropriate linkages with local resources, committees, organizations and agencies such as schools, Elders, youth, community leaders, child and family services, health programs.
  • Utilize and build on existing national, regional and local efforts to improve mental wellness in IRTC communities.

Tavares, Marcie
Tribal NAYSPS/ Mental Wellness Facilitator
P: (204) 956-7413