The Tribal Jordan’s Principle- Child First Initiative Service Coordinator’s goal is to ensure that the federal and provincial governments are positioned to address the health and social service needs of First Nations children with disability or short term medical condition in a timely manner. We aim to support members and independent communities in developing Jordan’s Principle- Child First Initiative at a community level by:

  • working together with families and the community to improve the health outcomes, accessibility to quality services and resources.
  • Assisting in the assembly Jordan’s Principle plans, designs, budgeting and development in the proposals process.
  • Supporting Jordan’s Principle front-line workers in planning their program goals, developing short and long-term objectives, strategies and conducting project summaries.
  • Facilitating capacity building opportunities for Jordan’s Principle employees to support their community based programming.
  • Provide consultation and referral services for Jordan’s Principle programming in all areas including but not limited to child development, mental health, behavioral health, special education, speech and language.
  • Continuously conduct an ongoing assessment and evaluation of Jordan’s Principle program to ensure that set practice standards are met and that we achieve our goal for a sustainable program for all First Nations children.