IRTC & Sigfusson Northern Ltd sign Joint Venture Agreement

October 27, 2017 – Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Interlake Reserves Tribal Council (IRTC) has just signed a Joint Venture agreement with Sigfusson Northern Ltd supported by all six Member First Nation communities for future construction project considerations.

“We see this signing as a strategic one with the ability to build further capacity and develop meaningful value added economic development for our communities.” Karl Zadnik, CEO for IRTC

The Chairman, Chief Cornell McLean says “that the Lake St Martin Channel is a project that is currently under consultations with the communities of IRTC, and this $350 Million dollar project is important to have the needed capacity to be competitive. We stand by our original statement that we not only want sole sourced contracts and meaningful consultations. We have not consented to this project; however, we are open to discussions and contract considerations from the Province.”

Wade Pluchinske of Sigfusson Northern states, “Sigfusson Northern is excited at the opportunity to work with IRTC and their member communities on upcoming construction projects. These projects have the ability to provide increased employment, training opportunities and business development for the IRTC communities.”

If you have any questions please contact Karl Zadnik at (204) 956-7413 or


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  1. I like to express my thanks to the chiefs of IRTC, for their interest in, or on this big water diversion from Lake Manitoba to Lake St Martin then to Lake Winnipeg. I can see History to be made here of our whole Ecosystem of wetlands, fisheries, fish habitat, before I comment further, the reason I’m saying this I’ve been a commercial fisherman for 57 years, both lakes, Lake St Marin and Lake Winnipeg, now that was taken away from me because of flooding of area I reside, without no mitigation regardless what studies say or tell us, commercial fishing is a big Economic backbone industry of this Ecosystem, this is what kept us alive socially and economically I want to remind all interested parties, this action of our governments, is going to greatly impact our way life, you know life that we’re so adapted to. You know nature had a balance of bonding us to this Ecosystem, now that’s gone, by a stroke of a pen, or if I can add my vocabulary “greed” …thank-you.

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