For Immediate Release: October 15, 2019

Interlake Reserves Tribal Council and its staff are working very hard in this emergency management situation. Our heart felt prayers to all those affected. We have been working 12-16 hour shifts to ensure our community members are housed in proper lodging requirements. We ask everyone to be patient during these times.

In some situations, we have had hotels that only were available for 2-3 nights and we are looking at alternative hotel arrangements for those needing them to carry them through. Red Cross is now taking in the new lodging requirements, with priorities focused on, people with medical conditions, the elderly, and parents with children. However, IRTC is trying to find more hotel rooms for those needing them that were originally housed with our arrangements.

Cornell McLean goes on to add, “our communities have been told that October 20,2019 hydro should be back on. I have to comment that IRTC and Red Cross have been working well together to address our emergency needs. While there is no perfect solution, we have been working on the clock non-stop to ensure our people and their needs are taken care of. We continue to look at solutions in this situation so that proper care is administered”.

Red Cross and IRTC continue to collaborate and work together for solutions in these trying times.

For any further questions or concerns please contact Karl Zadnik, Director of Health

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