FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 8, 2018 (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Interlake Reserves Tribal Council is the largest tribal council in Manitoba, with over 17000 members from its six member communities (Lake Manitoba First Nation, Kinonjeoshtegon First Nation, Peguis First Nation, Dauphin River First Nation, Little Saskatchewan First Nation, and Pinaymootang First Nation). They have been in ongoing discussions with the current Provincial government: the PC Party of Manitoba on the proposed Lake St Martin Channel and independent project the access road.

IRTC continue to stand united and together with respect to the construction opportunities with the above mentioned projects.

“Interlake Reserves Tribal Council is pleased to see the progressive and effective relationship with the Province of Manitoba. This current government has awarded our Joint Venture partnership with Sigfusson Northern a contract to work on the access road in our own territorial backyard. One of many future contracts that IRTC and the Joint Venture anticipates. It shows their commitment and support for our Indigenous people that face the highest unemployment rate in Canada and a willingness to listen to us and our needs and responding with action.” Karl Zadnik, Chief Executive Officer of IRTC has shared.

A few of IRTC member communities have faced past flooding that has displaced their people and made them relocate to the City of Winnipeg during 2011 and 2014. Sadly these communities have faced devastating consequences from the past two governments. “During that time the NDP government didn’t engage with our member communities effectively but instead built the emergency channel and used it without our full input. Now that our people are moving back home, we are pleased this current PC government is listening to us through consultation and engagement on the Lake St Martin Channel.

We have advised that we need equal opportunities and participation in the access road project and future Lake St Martin channel work; direct sole sourced contracts for us will ensure we have local jobs and opportunities to build long lasting legacy to address our longstanding issues of unemployment and not having a seat at the construction table. IRTC partnered with Sigfusson Northern strategically to ensure we had full capacity to undertake any project in scale of size and scope of work. IRTC performed its own internal due diligence and competitive process to ensure they had the right partner that would work for us, our member communities and provide the Province of Manitoba with value for their money.” Chief Cornell McLean, current Chairman of IRTC, shared.

Any questions to this press release can be directed to:
Karl Zadnik
Executive Director
Interlake Reserves Tribal Council

Chief Cornell McLean
Interlake Reserves Tribal Council