IRTC is in the process of establishing three (3) Emergency Operations Command Centers in the communities of Pinaymootang First Nation, Lake Manitoba First Nation and Peguis First Nation.
Interlake Reserves Tribal Council is leading capacity building efforts for its member communities to develop their own land use plan.
The Tribal Jordan’s Principle- Child First Initiative Service Coordinator’s goal is to ensure that the federal and provincial governments are positioned to address the health and social service needs of First Nations children with disability or short term medical condition in a timely manner.

Interlake Reserves Tribal Council Inc.

The Interlake Reserves Tribal Council Inc. (IRTC) consists of a partnership of six (6) Manitoba Interlake communities working together to advance our collective well-being of members from the following communities:

  • Dauphin River First Nation
  • Kinonjeoshtegon First Nation
  • Lake Manitoba First Nation
  • Little Saskatchewan First Nation
  • Peguis First Nation
  • Pinaymootang First Nation

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  • Lake Manitoba Health Centre | 204-768-2304
  • Little Saskatchewan Health Centre | 204-659-5278
  • Pinaymootang Health Centre | 204-659-5786
  • Dauphin River Health Centre | 204-659-4100
  • Peguis COVID-19 Hotline | 204-645-3291
  • Kinonjeoshtegon Health Centre | 204-394-2220

Please call your local Health Centre for further information on COVID-19 testing sites and resources.

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